Heart of Hulda

Heart of Hulda....a biography
by Nina Miller
Published by the Statesman-Examiner, Colville, WA, 1988.  132 pages, many illustrations, no index. Frontier and pioneer life in northeast Stevens County.
Nina, the youngest of ten children has written about her brave pioneering mother’s life. In 1903, Hulda Magnusson married Alfred Hanson in West Sweden, Wisconsin. In 1907, with three young children she traveled by train to Spokane to join her strong willed, adventurous husband. They would homestead 160 acres northeast of Old Dominion Mt. Often Hulda was left to run the farm while Alfred was away working to help supplement the family needs. “ Farewell, dear mother of ten, who had the strength, indomitable spirit and courageous faith to guide your children to be honest, ambitious and caring citizens. May you rest in peace, as we remember your teachings and ever loving heart. You will never be forgotten!”