Civil War Veterans Buried in Stevens Co

compiled by Roger W. May

 This book is the culmination of over 2,000 hours of research on the part of Mr. May.  He started off with a list of about 45 known veterans and it grew from there.  The book now contains information on almost 300 veterans who are either buried in Stevens County or who lived here at one time and are buried elsewhere. Information generally includes the unit each served in and what part that unit had in the war.  Every veteran's tombstone that could be located was photographed.  Personal information was added when available.  Old local records were transcribed, including the 1890 Special Census for Stevens County and the local G.A.R. (Grand Army of the Republic) minutes. ....219 pages, 217 photographs of tombstones and veterans, surnames listed below, published 2007
Adams, Akers, Aldridge, Allen, Arnold, Askins, Baldridge, Barnes, Bartholemew, Beach, Bear, Belknap, Bennett, Bidgood, Blinn, Blumberg, Bodge, Bollinger, Bondurant, Bondurant, Boss, Bowen, Bowers, Boyles, Brackett, Brechbill, Brown, Bryant, Burbank, Burden, Burgess, Burke, Cagle, Calhoon, Camp, Campbell, Campbell, Caruthers, Castner / Casner, Chamberlain, Childs, Christman, Churchill, Clark, Coates, Cole, Collins, Cook, Cory, Cottman, Coulter, Covell, Crain, Crandall, Cranston, Crosier / Crosure, Daly, Davis, Dawson, Day, Decker, Dexter, Dickinson, Dingle, Donnel, Donnell, Dorman, Dowel, Earnest, Eastman, Ebbout, Eckley, Eddings, Edgar, Edwards, Ely, Ensminger, Evans, Ferguson, Fish, Fitzgerald, Fletcher, Flint, Follett, Fortune, Friedman, Furgeson, Galencia, Gennett, Gifford, Gilmore, Gilmore, Glasgo, Gleason, Goakey, Godfrey, Gordon, Gray, Hall, Harbaugh, Harlan, Harley, Harrison, Hartman, Haskins, Hawkins, Haysen, Head, Hedges, Henry, Heron, Hill, Hobbs, Holford, Horn, Hoskins / Haskins, Howes, Hull, Hurd, Immel, James, Jared, Jefferson, Jenkins, Jenks, Jennings, Johnston, Jones, Keller, Keller, Kelly, Kieling, King, Kitt, Kreuger, Kyes / Keyes, LaBeau / Labow, Lacey, Lafferty, Lamphere, Lawson, Lawson, Lee, Lesh, Lindley, Linsley / Lindsley, Little, Lucas, Lynch, Maguir, Marshall, Martin, Masterson, Mastling, Mayer, McCloud, McClung, McClure, McEvers, McQuade, Millay, Miller, Mills, Mitchell, Montour, Moore, Morgan, Morrison, Morton, Mullen, Munson, Murry, Newbill, Nicholson, Noyes, Overman, Page, Parmeter, Paschol / Poskile, Pattee, Patton, Payne, Pea, Pelkey, Perkins, Platt, Pond, Potts, Prouty, Queener, Randall, Rapp, Reader, Reed, Reimer / Rimar, Reinoehl, Reynolds, Reynolds, Rhoads, Richey, Richmond, Rigg, Robinson, Roote / Root, Ross, Rowley, Rusch / Rush, Rusho, Rusted, Ryan, Salvage, Schidler / Schotler, Schull, Scott, Seal, Sears, Sell, Shaffer, Shannon, Signor, Slocum, Smith, Snyder, Snyder, Sparks, Spaulding, Spedden, Spencer, Stafford, Standifer, Stone, Street, Stuart, Swalene, Swett / Sueth, Sykes, Tarble, Thomas, Thomason, Timmons, Todd, Treadwell, Underhill, VanDorst, VanSlyke, VanValin, Vath, Walker, Wallace, Washburn, Weatherwax, Webb, Weir, Weller, Wells, Wendt, Weston, Whitbeck, Whitney, Whitty, Wilber, Wiley, Williams, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Witham, Wood, Wood, Woodson, Woolbert, Wooley, Wright, Young, Young, Zent
ISBN: 0-9705654-4-5